Catalogue " Festivities and Entertainment at Court"

Catalogue " Festivities and Entertainment at Court"

To enhance the greatness of the kingdom, Louis XIV and his successors gave spectacular parties at Versailles of which the reputation spread throughout Europe. To maintain the loyalty of a Court constantly on the brink of boredom, regular entertainment was held both day and night, inside and outside, including hunting, walks, comedy, concerts, games, ball, fireworks and light shows.

This exhibition catalogue draws on the latest research carried out by historians, archivists and curators as well as musicologists, huntsmen, dancers and those who practice ancient games to recreate the life of the courtiers. It reveals mechanisms of entertainment in the court and invites readers to reflect on their ambivalence and true purpose.

Coédition château de Versailles / Gallimard
ISBN : 978-2-07-019770-5
Number of pages : 392
Date ofparution: 11/2016
Dimensions : 240 x 280
Language : Français 

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