Architectures de théâtre à Versailles


Architectures de théâtre à Versailles

It seems almost paradoxical that although shows and performances were extremely popular in the French Court during the 18th century, it wasn’t until 1770 that a concert hall worthy of the royal residence was built in Versailles. The Royal Opera House was inaugurated for the wedding of the Dauphin, future Louis XVI, and Marie-Antoinette. Previously, performances had been given in temporary theatres not designed to last. Comedies, tragedies, operas and ballets were held in the awkward space in the Prince’s Courtyard, in the theatre in the New Wing or in small set-ups like the one installed on the Ambassadors’ Staircase! Grander events were put on in spaces which were specifically built for the occasion, such as the Salle du Manège or extravagant wooden stages. Today, the only structures still standing are the Royal Opera House and the Trianon theatre, constituting unique vestiges which bear testimony to a forgotten type of performance art and engineering. The publication Architectures de théâtre à Versailles offers a unique and sensitive visit of these places, whether still standing or not, through exceptional 3d models and a number of archive documents…

Restitutions 3D : Hubert Naudeix, Marlène Faure
Éditor : Honoré Clair

ISBN : 978-2-918371-31-1
Number of pages : 160
Date of parution : 28/11/2016
Dimensions : 21 X 28 cm
Language : french

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