Versailles - Volume 2: The Shadow of Marie-Antoinette


Versailles - Volume 2: The Shadow of Marie-Antoinette

The Palace of Versailles, an incomparable setting for epic adventure stories!

Nick Barberon, a young American painter and descendant of one of King Louis XVI’s courtesans, is on holiday in France.
Jacques, curator of the Palace of Versailles, shows him an antechamber where the works of anonymous talents have been secretly displayed. Nick stops short in front of a portrait of a woman and is so stunned by her beauty that he faints…
When he comes to, he is surprised to see her in flesh and blood. Some mysterious process has taken him back three centuries into the body of his own ancestor. He discovers the magical, enchanting atmosphere of the Court of Marie-Antoinette, with its many dangers…

Authors: Éric Adam, script-writer and Didier Convard, script-writer
Illustrations: Éric Liberge, artist
Coeditors: Glénat - château de Versailles

EAN: 9782723492515
Number of pages: 48 pages (hardback) 
Date of publication: 18 September 2013
Dimensions: 240 mm x 320 mm
Language: French only


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