Louis XIV's garden at Versailles


Louis XIV's garden at Versailles

This book is a way to discover the gardens of Versailles as they were conceived by André Le Nôtre, and before the modifications that happened afterward. It presents the whole plans created in 1720 by Jean Chaufourier (1679-1757-) fur the Duc of Antin, superintendent for the royal constructions of the king, and invites the reader to discover the palace and its gardens in the last state Louis XIV saw. 

One can find the groves, botannical gardens and trees, the fountains and famous maze, the royal Island, the Basin of Apollon and the Arc de Triomphe Grove in the early stages f their lives, before the changes operated under the reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI.

Together with engravings from the end of the 17th century made by Adam Pérelle, these illustrations represent the most complete testomony on the remarquable masterpiece of the Sun King, iconic work of french classical time, miraculously preserved. Universally admired and copied, the gardens of Versailles illustrate the genius ouf André le Nôtre.

This elegant album allows the reader to rediscover the creation of André Le Nôtre of Louis XIV at Versailles, and more largely one of the most facinating gardens à la française, while the palace opened in october 2013, an exhibition that will end in february 2014.

Editor : Editions Gourcuff Gradenigo
Authors : Introduction et commentaires de Pierre Arizzoli-Clémentel
160 pages
24 x16,5 cm à l'italienne
EAN : 9782353400652
Date de publication: for the exhibition "André LeNôtre en perspective"
Language : french

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