The Grand Trianon


The Grand Trianon

The Grand Trianon has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1979, but this is the first time that a complete, detailed study has been dedicated to this country palace. In this book, the author studies all aspects chronologically, from the architecture and decoration to the paintings and furniture. Preceded by a first palace called the Porcelain Trianon, the current place, also called the Marble Trianon, was built by Louis XIV and partially redesigned by Louis XV before being completely refurnished by Napoléon after the French Revolution.

King Louis-Philippe was the last occupant and, even though it had become a museum, it was once again restored by General de Gaulle who made it a State residence. Three Presidents of France’s Fifth Republic gave France’s guests a lavish welcome here. Two more serious events also took place at the Grand Trianon: Maréchal Bazaine’s trial in 1873 and the signing of the Trianon Treaty with Hungary in 1920.

Curator in chief at the Museum of Versailles, Jérémie Benoit is notably in charge of the “Trianons”.

Author: Jérémie Benoit
Editor: Edition du Gui

ISBN : 2951741782
Number of pages : 272
Date of parution : 2009
Dimensions : 30 x 24,4 x 3,2 cm
Language: french

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