Creative activity box - Marie-Antoinette's universe

Creative activity box - Marie-Antoinette's universe

An original creative kit for children. Cut, fold, stick and play. Every child has heard of Marie-Antoinette...
The Palace of Versailles means vast spaces, eyes shining in wonderment, heels clicking on wooden floors, the mirrors in the Hall of Mirrors... and a small estate where Marie-Antoinette use to come to take refuge when she wanted to escape the strict rules of the Palace.

Do you want to explore this page of history with your children? Rebuild Marie-Antoinette’s Estate with them.

Older children can build models of the Petit Trianon and the Hamlet, and younger children can dress the carboard doll of Marie-Antoinette. The Dame Fourmi game sheets are also designed for children, with a maze, spot the difference game, word search etc.Use the history information sheet to tell them the story of Marie-Antoinette... For a moment spent together as a family. Time to get your scissors out!
"The world of Marie-Antoinette" kit includes all the parts for building the models of the Petit Trianon and the Hamlet, a Marie-Antoinette doll to dress with two outfits, two game sheets and a history information sheet. 

Kit contains: 5 cardboard sheets to cut out, 1 information sheet, 2 game sheets.
Instructions inside the box.

Dimensions: 16.1 cm x 22.4 cm x 2.5 cm
Designed, made and assembled in France
Age 6 +

15,00 €

12,50 € HT