Diffuseur Boudoir de la Reine


Diffuseur Boudoir de la Reine

The “Palace of Versailles” diffuser collection, to accompany the scented candle collection of the same name, is directly inspired by the world of the Palace of Versailles. 

The particular shape of this boudoir, with its cut sides, made it possible for the queen’s domestic servants to pass from the large bedchamber to the other chambers without disturbing the queen who, at midday, would go and rest there, hence the name Meridian. It was in 1781, after Marie-Antoinette finally gave birth to an heir, that the room was decorated with woodwork whose bronze motifs were applied to the sash doors. The dolphin that can be seen evokes children, while the roses, Hapsburg eagle and the peacock, symbol of the goddess Juno, are allusions to the queen.

Material: mouth-blown glass
Heigth : 18 cm
Fragance : spicy rose
Made in France

85,00 €

70,83 € HT