Ladurée - Versailles



Practical information


Opened every day except on Monday
1st April to 31st October : 9h30am to 6pm
1st November to 31 March: 9h30am to 5h30pm
You can visit the shop with a Palace entrance ticket, either coming from the Royal Courtyard or at the end of the Grand Apartments tour itinerary, at the bottom of the Queen's Staircase.

The French court's taste for sweet treats led to Maison Ladurée's success several decades later. The history of the Ladurée Macaron began with Pierre Desfontaines, Louis Ernest Ladurée's first cousin once removed, who, in the middle of the 19th century, had the brilliant idea of sticking macaron shells together two-by-two and garnishing them with a delicious ganache.

Maison Ladurée is showcased at the Palace of Versailles. You will find the famous macarons that have made the Maison's reputation, along with gourmet food products ans accessories.

The Boutique proposes a selection of Ladurée products such as teas, jams and jellies and souvenirs bearing the brand's image.