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Bernardaud, a renowned French porcelain manufacturer established in 1863 in Limoges and still running as a family business today, has always striven for excellence, quality and precision. In a constantly-changing business at the cutting edge of design and innovation, the company develops technology that continues to push the boundaries of ceramics. Every collection, furnishing, fixture or piece made by Bernardaud adds a simple touch of luxury to daily living and shows that 2000 years on from the earliest creations, porcelain remains an exceptional art.

Our selection

Plateau "Versailles"

Rectangular tray "Versailles"

Price €107.50
Vide-poches "Versailles"

Vide-poches "Versailles"

Price €135.00
Coupe "Versailles"

Coupe plate "Versailles"

Price €285.00
Set of 2 cups and saucers...

Set of 2 cups and saucers...

Price €224.17
Vase Medicis - Le Gobelet du Roy

Medicis vase - Le Gobelet...

Price €525.00
Pot à oilles - Le Gobelet du Roy

Soup tureen - Le Gobelet du...

Price €1,206.67
Écuelle couverte - Le Gobelet du Roy

Open bowl - Le Gobelet du Roy

Price €544.17
Caisse à fleurs - Le Gobelet du Roy

Cachepot square - Le...

Price €498.33
Verseuse haute - Le Gobelet du Roy

Coffee pot - Le Gobelet du Roy

Price €494.17
Salière-poivrière 3 compartiments - Le gobelet du roi

Saltcellar and pepperpot -...

Price €195.83
Ravier - Le gobelet du roi

Relish dish - Le Gobelet du...

Price €124.17
Assiette à dîner - Le gobelet du roi

Dinner plate - Le Gobelet...

Price €86.67