Versailles Great Stables bench by Tectona

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Practical information 

The Versailles Great Stables bench is available for sale in Tectona shops and on the website

The Versailles Great Stables bench was inspired by two oak stable benches in the Palace of Versailles heritage collections.

Both benches were well-travelled before being brought back into the limelight by Tectona. The first arrived at Versailles before 1855 having being part of the furniture in the stables at the palace of Saint-Cloud. The second, after initially serving in the Small Stables of Versailles, was sent back to the Royal Furniture Store-House prior to 1833 before being reincorporated into the Palace of Versailles collections during the French Second Republic (1848-1852). The second bench, of simple construction, has distinctively formed legs evoking the stylistic influence of Jacob-Desmalter, primary supplier to palaces as of the mid-18th century.

Crafted by Jean-Yves Grandfils, who works at Tectona and holds the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France, the Versailles Great Stables bench has been adapted : the seat, originally in velvet, is made of wood; without altering the visual impression of the original.

The French brand Tectona has been at the forefront of outdoor furniture design since its creation in 1977. Tectona's philosophy is: inspired furniture combining traditional craftsmanship with functional design, suitable for outdoor living and created to withstand the passing of time. The company’s preferred materials are teak, braided resin and aluminium. The assembly method, using tenons and mortises according to traditional woodworking techniques, guarantees the durability of the furniture.