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The Galerie des rois Collection is available for orders on the Saint-Louis website.

For more than 250 years, the Palace of Versailes and the Saint-Louis crystal works have carved out a friendship in crystal around The Table and, in doing so, have contributed to promoting the glowing reputation of France and its exceptional craftmanship. Four centuries in the making, the Palace of Versailles is a symbol in itself of the French art of living – the product of royal style and the expertise of the Crown's manufactures. In 1767, Louis XV himself signed letters patent conferring the name of Saint-Louis on the glassworks, in honour of Louis IX, as well as the title of "Royal" manufacture and a coat-of-arms, a crown. This invisible thread has been reinforced over time and through crystal creations.

In 2019, the set of tumblers « Galerie des rois » adds a new chapter to the long history that unites these two prestigious houses, symbols of French excellence, know-how and lifestyle.

The Head of Design at Saint-Louis, Patrick Neu, an artist familiar with crystal glass, has worked with Pierre-Xavier Hans, Chief Curator in the Department of Furnishings and Objects at the Palace of Versailles to give preference to simple, clear incisions in the walls of the glass to evoke wooden panelling inspired by the historic rooms of the Palace or the collections held there. “Galerie des rois” pays tribute to four kings – Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI and Louis-Philippe.