Versailles: From Louis XIV to Jeff Koons

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234 pages - 15.75 x 18.75 x 3.15

 Welcome to the most famous palace in the world, the glittering Palace of Versailles.

This volume relates the most important historical, social and cultural milestones of Versailles, starting with the modest hunting lodge commissioned by Louis XIII in 1623 and then encompassing the vast palace grounds and gardens sumptuously illustrated with archival images and beautiful photographs.

Versailles has indeed seen many important occasions, including diplomatic summits, scientific advances and renowned visitors over the centuries, from Mozart, Benjamin Franklin and Queen Victoria to Fred Astaire and the Kennedys, not to mention exhibitions of today's great artists, starting with Jeff Koons in 2008.

This book reveals all the stories that have taken place within this glorious monument. Presented by Catherine Pégard, the President of the Château de Versailles and with the collaboration of Mathieu da Vinha, Scientific Director of the Château de Versailles Research Centre.