The Kilometre Paris scarf

Practical Information 

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Since it was founded, Kilometre Paris has been celebrating magical, off-the-beaten-track locations by embroidering their GPS coordinates onto unique items. In 2020, a special focus is being given to Marie-Antoinette’s country retreat at 48° 49’ 9’’ N 2° 6’ 46’’ E, The Queen's Hamlet, Palace of Versailles, France. Hand embroidered, these coordinates indicate the exact location of the Marlborough Tower. 

Touched by the history and intimacy of this secret world, Alexandra Senes, a designer at Kilometre Paris, wanted to pay tribute to the imagination and fantasies of Marie-Antoinette by dedicating a large silk scarf to her memory that is elegant, unique and ornamented with motifs inspired by the architecture and topography of the location. 

The design includes the Marlborough Tower sitting on the rocks, its shape unmistakeably evocative of a lighthouse with its wrought-iron staircase, the Queen's boudoir, the surrounding thatched cottages and the silhouette of a coach racing at full speed along the walks in the royal park.