Louis XIV, the world of the Sun King


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Three centuries after his death in 1715, certainly no other king has been the subject of so many paintings, sculptures, prints and tapestries produced for the widespread distribution of his effigy, images of his family members and representations of his noble exploits. At the same time, Louis XIV surrounded himself with monuments and magnificent objects reasserting his ambitions as absolute monarch.

A work of communication ahead of its time, but also an affirmation, in all the media of the day, of France’s predominant role in Europe.

This profusion of works of art, brought together here for the first time, comprise the Sun King’s family album, an album that is both the story of his life and a reflection of the image that he wanted to leave for the centuries to come.

Alexandre Maral, archivist-palaeographer, PhD in History, is the head curator of the Palace of Versailles. Thierry Sarmant, archivist-palaeographer, PhD with habilitation in History, is the head curator of the Musée Carnavalet.

Co-publishers : château de Versailles - Tallandier editions
Authors : Alexandre Maral and Thierry Sarmant
Language : French
Date of publishing : october 2014
224 pages