Marie-Antoinette, As They Saw Her


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Marie-Antoinette is a superstar. Not only books, but also films, cartoons and online fan clubs bear testimony to the fact. At the same time, she was and remains without doubt the most vilified woman in history. The more it is discussed, the more the "mystery of Marie-Antoinette" deepens...

To know who Marie-Antoinette really was, is it not simplest to ask those who knew her as an adolescent when she arrived in the kingdom of France, a young queen in Trianon, a triumphant then wounded mother, a controversial political figure and, finally, a humiliated prisoner?

Evelyne Lever, a respected specialist on the subject of the queen’s life, has sought out, chosen and organised these accounts to reveal their hidden meaning. With the aim of reaching as many people as possible, she has created a book that can be read with the same ease and enjoyment as a magazine.
A historian and researcher at the CNRS, Evelyne Lever is one of the top specialists in 18th-century history.

Language: french
Editeur : Omnibus (30 october 2014)
ISBN-13: 978-2258107427
14,3 x 4 x 20,8 cm
992 pages