Marie-Antoinette, journal d'une reine


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Evelyne Lever, historian, has imagined the diary of this young Austrian princess who married the future King Louis XVI at the age of fifteen and was sent suddenly from the throne to the guillotine.

As the days go on, from her arrival at the court of Versailles in 1770 until the fall of the monarchy on 10 August 1792, Marie-Antoinette tells her tale. With sometimes disarming spontaneity, she shares her thoughts, her hopes, her fears, her disappointment with her marriage to Louis XVI, her frantic search for pleasure, her love for Count von Fersen, the rivalries at court and the political intrigues – all the trials and tribulations of a life that brought her, through no fault of her own, to play a leading role in one of the most tragic and most decisive episodes in French history. A frivolous, sentimental princess, adored by some, hated by others, Marie-Antoinette, with her tragic fate, takes on all the dimensions of a veritable Romanesque heroine. Through the young Queen’s eyes, we have here one of the liveliest views of history.

This day-by-day story of the life of a sovereign is full of significant anecdotes and testimonies that, as faithfully as a specialised book and as colourfully as a film, present the atmosphere at Versailles, revolutionary Paris and the dramatic progression of History.


Author: Evelyne Lever
Editor: Tallandier
Date of publication: 17 janvier 2008
Collection: Texto
ISBN: 978-2847345070
Dimensions: 18 x 2 x 12 cm, 332 pages 
Language : french