Venus Callipyge - Printing limited edition


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These ten prints are a new opportunity to discover photographs from Hervé Ternisien’s book, Les Jardins de Versailles. These photographs are printed in a limited edition and each print is signed and numbered by the artist. They come with a mount.

Latona Parterre. South Stairs. Venus Callipyge, by Jean-Jacques Clérion, based on the Farnese antique, statue, marble, 1684-1686. “The sun highlights the voluptuous forms of the Callipyge or Venus of the beautiful buttocks. This statue evokes the mythological story of two young Sicilian women who had a competition on a certain part of their anatomy. Sometimes the story says that the Callipyge turned around to admire, with delight, her buttocks reflected the water. Visitors can judge for themselves… I also noticed a modest addition to her dress, in the form of a totally artificial triangular fold trying to hide her offensive nudity.”

Size : 40x30cm
Shipped under 15 days.

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