Louis XIV himself


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Louis XIV is the most famous and the most misunderstood of the Kings of France . If, during his reign, he was right in his opponents , they were right about him after his death : Jansenists , quietist , Protestants have united to disfigure. Simply yet open memoirs, correspondence, listening to him talk with his contemporaries to discover the man and devote her growing admiration. He is the father of modern France , that of industries such as Arts and Letters . He gave it its natural limits , it forced Europe to respect its armies and fleets , he tied and untied alliances with amazing prescience of fate. It has provided the country with an administration , mate trublionisme the nobility , resisted the temptation of schism , built palaces and wanted gardens whose splendor is still one of the safest glories of France.

Author: Michel Déon
Editor: Gallimard
Date of parution: Octobre 1991
ISBN: 978-2070384198
Pages: 343
Format : 17,8 x 10,8 x 1,7 cm
Language: French