A day with Marie-Antoinette


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In the popular imagination Marie Antoinette remains the last queen of France; to the world in general she is the queen of France... No other woman embodied so many fantasies or inspired such extravagant adulation.

Still today she unleashes raw passions and arouses strong feelings as though she were perpetually on trial: villainess or victim, ruthless Messalina or reckless romantic, frivolous queen or royal martyr? Today she is an icon on a global scale.

This intimate portrait - including private correspondence and personal objects - traces her life and legend from her departure for Versailles from Vienna at fourteen, to her rise as queen and figure of influence, to her intimely death on the guillotine scaffold. It celebrates her complex persona: young wife, devoted mother, passionate lover, fashion icon and trendsetter, model of beauty and grace, and munificent hostess.

Hélène Delalex
Flammarion's editions, 2015
14 x 22,5 cm, 224p., 24,90€
ISBN 978-2-08136-313-7