Magazine N°21 Château de Versailles


Magazine N°21 Château de Versailles

The character as well as the many activities makes Vauban a character apart from the reign of Louis XIV. For his many qualities at the service of the border protection system through its actions on the battlefield, the marshal was in no doubt one of the most important men of his time. But he still is one of the great thinkers, it is also his political projects, starting with the Royal Tithe annoucing many reforms in decades and even centuries. No doubt his outspokenness was his true ally, he who was not amongst the vilest courtiers. Because of this, Louis XIV knew who always consider.

Featured of Versailles magazine: Vauban forerunner and visionary

- Versailles and me: Jean-Louis Debré "Versailles is the Republic"
- At the Castle: The royal audience in politics
- Artworks: Apollo Tended by the nymphs
- Daily life: The Deprez bastards of Louis XIV
- Portfolio: The Old Wing and the Dufour Pavilion
- Heritage: The orangeries of Louis XIV
- Diplomacy: The Wittelsbach family at the court of Louis XIV
- Archives and unpublished: Diamonds in portraits boxes
- Old Regime: The years Turgot or the abortive reform (1774-1776)
- Report: The foutain
- Event: Versailles capital of France

Co-publishers: Versailles and Editions Soteca
Frequency: Quarterly
French language
Dimensions: L 29,7 x W 23 cm, 84 pages 
(april-june 2016)

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