Louis XIV


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"Do not let yourself govern; be the master, never have any favorites or prime minister; listen, see your Council, but decide: God who made yourself king will give you the lights that you need."

Hungry for "grandeur and magnificence," Louis XIV (1638-1715) wanted to push the limits of the human condition. By embodying in itself the whole nation, the monarch holds the will of the people in his, he is the state, he is France. Deifying royalty, giving the royal function almost Pharaonic character, the Most-Christian King becomes a Sun King creating around him a pagan devotion.
Fifty-four years, with the same pompous and serene gravity, he cultivates a single ambition, personal and national: make his country's oldest, most populous, the most powerful kingdoms of Europe whose growth is just beginning, the scene of a continuous transformation, social and spiritual likely to make the greatest power of his day.
Author: Eric Deschodt
304 pages
12 illustrations
ISBN : 9782070344987
Date of release : 16/10/2008