Queens and favorites


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During the Renaissance , women had to submit themselves to human authority - as the nobility had to submit to the king's. Yet some manage to make their condition of inferiority an asset. With their ambitions, their intelligence and their beauty, some were taking advantage of the weakness which men slipped into the workings without being crushed . If they can not take power in their name, their destinies are sometimes spectacular. Diane de Poitiers to Marie Antoinette , through Catherine de Medici, Queen Margot, Gabrielle d' Estrées, Madame de Maintenon or Madame de Pompadour, Benedetta Craveri offers a series of portraits, exciting as novels, mixing with brio the small and great history.

Author : Benedetta Craveri
Editor : Gallimard
Date of parution: 14/04/2009
484 pages
ISBN : 978-2-07-037973-6
Language : French