Versailles, Private invitation


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"Yes, I know Versailles; I have been with Mr Bantling I wanted to visit the castle thoroughly and I warned him that this was a serious matter so we lived three days in the hotel and are.. went everywhere, "James Henry, Portrait of a woman, 1881. the world's biggest castle still has a thousand and one unexpected secrets, including the finest connoisseurs. Versailles has often been elaborately described since the reign of Louis XIV but, due to their fragility or their state of preservation, numerous apartments of the palace and their dependencies are inaccessible to the public. The most famous salons, gardens, passing by the area of ​​Trianon and the hamlet of the Queen, these places contain many incredible details, converted at the option of light and shade. Twilight of a summer evening in a veil of mist winter morning, Versailles reveals multiple facets. Versailles: Private Invitation reveals those moments that usually remain inaccessible to visitors.

Author: Guillaume Picon
Editor: Flammarion

Number of pages: 320 pages
Date of publication: 04/10/2017
Dimensions:  25,5 cm × 31,3 cm × 3,8 cm
Language: French, English