Magazine N°22 "Château de Versailles"


Magazine N°22 "Château de Versailles"

The regent unloved by history

The overlooked recovery

In people’s minds, the French Regency is associated with all the ills synonymous with poor governance, from immoral lifestyles to excess profits. The life of Philippe of Orleans himself and the fall of the system of law sum up an era, considered to be intermediary and of no interest, between the glorious reigns of Louis XIV and ‘the Well-Beloved’. However, the Regent had numerous successes: re-establishing public accounts, more balanced power, reorganisation of the army, military victories and new alliances – and not forgetting an artistic style which delights collectors, as well as flourishing literature. Three hundred years after the event, these eight years deserve more than the caricature as which they have long since been presented.

(David Chanteranne, editor-in-chief of the Palace of Versailles. From the Ancien Régime to the present day)


On the cover
The regent unloved by history
Decoding a mysterious family portrait: the Regent and the Duke of Chartres
Versailles and me
Eve de Castro ‘History is the most exotic of journeys’
At the Palace
The ‘turnstiles’ and ‘barriers’ of the Petit Parc
The Battle of Staffarda (18 August 1690)
Versailles and Marly
Queen Marie’s classical concerts
And Lorraine becomes French...
Hand-held fire screens at the heart of the home
Marie- Antoinette’s boudoir
The Africa rooms
Archives and unpublished materials
A souvenir of Austria
20th century
Parliament: deputies and senators to the Sun King

Co-publishers: Versailles and Editions Soteca
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French language
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(july-september 2016)

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