"Les Juments de la Nuit" DVD


"Les Juments de la Nuit" DVD

Show, filmed by Michel Viotte

This performance, featuring more than 70 horses, turns Versailles into a haunted estate. The park becomes a thick forest, its pools are turned into murky swamps and the king is Macbeth. Taking inspiration from the cinematographic interpretation by Akira Kurosawa, from which he adopted the Japanese ambience, Bartabas stages Shakespeare’s famous tragedy at the Neptune Fountain.

Production: Bartabas
With the Equestrian Arts Academy and the Zingaro Equestrian Theatre, Larrio Ekson, Miyoko Shida
and Bernard Quental.
Created in August 2008 as part of the Night Shows at the Palace of Versailles.
In addition: ‘Récit d’une création’, a documentary by Jean-Michel Viotte.
August / September 2008 – 5 performances
Total duration: 2hr07
Language: French 

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