Marie-Antoinette, the youth of a queen


Marie-Antoinette, the youth of a queen

This year tribute is being paid to the famous queen of Versailles in Japan. In addition to the exhibition called Marie-Antoinette, a Queen in Versailles which will be held in Tokyo this winter, the manga called Marie-Antoinette, la jeunesse d’une reine (Marie-Antoinette, the youth of a queen) will be published simultaneously in France and Japan. The work, the fruit of an in-depth study carried out on site in Versailles and Austria, will reveal the complex relationship between the young princess and her husband Louis XVI. How can love and reason be reconciled in a world where no act can be carried out freely? This work, by Fuyumi Soro, addresses the life of the young queen from a new perspective and reveals to French readers an aspect of manga that has until now remained little-known.

Author: Fuyumi Soryo
Co-publisher: Glénat

ISBN: 978-2-344-01238-3
Number of pages: 180 pages
Dimensions: 130 mm x 180 mm
Languages: French, Japanese

8,67 €

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