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This paper folder is perfect for sorting and filing documents with ease.

The chamber is the main room of the apartment, the one where the Queen spent most of her time. She slept here, often joined by the King. In the morning, she received here during and after her Toilette, which constituted a Court event as regulated by etiquette as the Lever du Roi [Rising of the King]. It was here, too, that births took place in public: nineteen "Children of France" were born here. The décor retains the memory of the three queens who occupied the room: the compartmentalisation of the ceiling dates back to Queen Marie-Thérèse, but the monochrome paintings by Boucher were produced for Marie Leszczinska, as were the wood panels. All these elements were preserved in the time of Marie-Antoinette for whom only the furniture and the fireplace were supplied new.

A5 - 15,5 x 22 cm
A5 - 6.10" x 8.66"
Material : Polypropylene