The Palace of Versailles No. 24


The Palace of Versailles No. 24

The Grand Condé, the Sun King’s rival?
A confrontation between two men

The relationship between Louis XIV and the Grand Condé was not entirely peaceful. It began under difficult circumstances, notably during the Fronde, but gradually improved thanks to the Grand Condé’s series of military victories, and in particular after the Battle of Rocroi in 1643.
Both men were enthusiasts of art and architecture, and each dreamed up prestigious palaces. The palaces of Versailles and Chantilly still stand as a testament to their shared passion. Between rivalry and parallel destinies, their respective paths show a similar appetite for prestige and an extraordinary sense of duty. 
(David Chanteranne, Editor-in-Chief of Château de Versailles: De l’Ancien Régime à Nos Jours)

On the cover
The Grand Condé, a rival to the Sun King?
Versailles and me
Cecilia Bartoli - Baroque splendour in music
A secret stroll with the palace's photographers
Key figures
Le Bernin in the service of the king
Louis XVI's brand of billiards
Restorations and reconstructions for an exhibition
The Battle of Yorktown
18th-century perfume
Ancien Régime
The Assembly of Notables: the monarchy's last chance?
The Special Museum of the French School 1797-1815
The planning department: heritage management
20th century
The Bourbons and Versailles after 1900

Coéditeurs : château de Versailles et Editions Soteca
Periodicity : quarterly
Language : french
Dimensions: 23 x 29,7 cm, 84 p
(January-March 2017)

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