Marie-Antoinette, Queen of Style and Taste


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In the Kingdom of the Good taste, Marie-Antoinette's ministers are seamstress, cabinet maker, bronze-smelter or painter. Personally implicated with the creation of her gown, in the decoration of her private apartments or in the planning of her gardens, the queen intends to live according to modern fashion, when she is not the one creating it, even if it means she has to contravene the social standards attached to her rank. To the French refinement brought to its best, she adds her own touch with the use of flowers and pearls. Sometime disguised as an actress or a farm-girl, the rebel sovereign only obey to the laws she wants, without thinking about the consequences.

Examples of subjects: the Queen of parties, the queen in parade cloths, French gowns, English gowns, Rose Bertin seamstress of the Queen, hairstyle, jewellery, makeup, country gowns, colours and flowers, Toile of Jouy, the Queen’s apartments, furniture, chinoiserie, tableware. 

Author: Françoise Ravelle
Edition: Parigramme
Collection: Carnet de Styles

Number of pages: 128
Date of publication: 4 May 2017
Dimensions: 14 cm X 21 cm
Languages: French, English