Catalogue "Visitors to Versailles. 1682-1789"

Catalogue "Visitors to Versailles. 1682-1789"

With nearly 10 million visitors per year in the XXIst Century, Versailles is one of the most visited historic sites in the world. The palace and gardens of Versailles have attracted visitors ever since the small hunting lodge built by Louis XIII was transformed by Louis XIV into one of the most stunning residences in Europe, open to everyone according to the King's will.

Cosmopolitan Versailles has welcomed French and foreign travellers, princes, ambassadors, artists, writers and philosophers, architects, scholars, tourists on the "Grand Tour" and day trippers from near and far. While some came to Versailles to see the King or win his favour, others were received officially by the Sovereign in the Palace, a place of intensive diplomatic activity. From the ambassadors of Siam in 1686 to the ambassadors of the Indian Kingdom of Mysore in 1788, representatives from almost every continent came to Versailles.

With portraits and sculptures, Court attire, travel guides, tapestries, Sevres and Meissen porcelain, display weapons and snuffboxes, this catalogue reveals what visitors discovered upon arriving at Versailles, what they saw and their impressions, the gifts or memories they left with.

Author: under the direction of Bertrand Rondot
Editor: château de Versailles - Gallimard

ISBN: 978 2 07274 510  2
Number of pages: 336 pages
Date of publication: 26 October 2017
Dimensions: 22 x 28,5 cm
Languages: french only

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