Inside Marie-Antoinette’s clothes storehouse


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While carrying out research in the archives, Mathieu da Vinha discovered a new and unusual document: the description of Marie-Antoinette’s clothes storehouse in 1771, which was featured in the inventory after the death of her Dame d’Atours, the Duchess of Villars.

A colourful dress made of silver gauze with pompons, a pink taffeta petticoat, a large sulphur yellow gown... This inventory listing several hundred items of lost clothing is of priceless value for the history of fashion. It provides an insight into the Dauphine upon her arrival in France as she discovers her home, her wardrobe, the etiquette governing the French Court and, above all, her own place among it all.

Mathieu da Vinha
with the editions RMN, 2018
14,5 x 21,7 cm, 128 pages
ISBN 978-2-7118-7124-7