Versailles, Splendeur et intimité

Versailles, Splendeur et intimité

‘It’s not a palace, it’s a whole town, superb in grandeur, superb in matter.’ Charles Perrault, Le Siècle de Louis le Grand, 1687.

Versailles, unique in the world, always evokes the feasts and splendour of Louis XIV’s court, politics, intrigue, revolutions, wars and treaties.  A place of the monarchy and the republic alike, the history of France and Europe unfolds between the walls of the palace, in the intimacy of the royal apartments, in its idyllic gardens filled with gods and goddesses, in the Petit Trianon where Marie-Antoinette loved to go and where she had a delightful hamlet built, now fully restored.

This publication invites you to contemplate the collections of this palace-museum in a new light, collections of an inexhaustible and ever-surprising wealth.  The photo illustrations, often exclusive, are accompanied by quotes from famous figures who have visited Versailles throughout the centuries, from Jean de La Fontaine to Voltaire or Victor Hugo.

Author : Yves Carlier
Pagination: 240 pages
Editor : La Martinière (2018)
Language : French
ISBN : 978 2 73248 851 6
Dimensions : 24x31 cm

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