Sugimoto Versailles, Surface of Revolution. Catalogue


Sugimoto Versailles, Surface of Revolution. Catalogue

For its eleventh contemporary art exhibition this autumn, the Palace of Versailles has invited Hiroshi Sugimoto into the gardens of the Estate of Trianon, where he will be showcasing art, architecture, and live performance at a Tea House in the Lower Fountain.

For the first time, Sugimoto casts a contemporary eye over this Estate, where successive residents, from Louis XIV to Napoleon, from Marie-Antoinette to Louis-Philippe, brought creations from their own time. In this year of “Japonismes” which Versailles has often epitomised, Sugimoto illustrates the cultural ties between Japan and France.

His artistic career began with photography, then moved towards architecture and today is turning towards live performance, giving his work a fourth dimension. Under the curatorship of Jean de Loisy and Alfred Pacquement, this bilingual catalogue reveals the artist’s work through hitherto unpublished photographs, and a number of his drawings and sketches. The catalogue contains a preface by Catherine Pégard and includes texts by Hiroshi Sugimoto.

Directed by Jean de Loisy, President of the Palais de Tokyo, and Alfred Pacquement, curator of contemporary art at Versailles.


Publisher: Flammarion

Number of pages: 96 pages
Date of publication: 28 November 2018
Dimensions: 23.5 x 31 cm
Languages available: bilingual French-English

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