Versailles. Architectures rêvées 1660-1815


Versailles. Architectures rêvées 1660-1815

An ongoing worksite: Versailles, the subject of multiple projects.

Some were completed and gave the palace its appearance as we know it today, but many projects never came to fruition. From Hardouin-Mansart’s “Grand Design” and Gabriel’s “Grand Project” to later propositions by Percier and Fontaine under the Empire, this work reveals three centuries of architectural dreams at Versailles: a palace as we have never seen it but presented as it could have been.


Versailles, from stone to paper
A palace under construction
Chapel and theatre
Landscape architecture
The “Grand Project”
The 1780 competition
Versailles under the Empire

Under the direction of Elisabeth Maisonnier
Number of pages: 288 pages
Publication: 2019
Dimensions: 25 x 25 cm
Languages available: French
ISBN: 978 2 07283 752 4