• Parcours mythologique dans les jardins

Parcours mythologique dans les jardins


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Jupiter coming to the aid of Latona, Pluto abducting Proserpina…

This book brings to life a whole collection of statues, including Dido, Hercules, Iphigenia, Ulysses, dragons and nymphs…

The gardens of the Palace of Versailles are home to great masterpieces of sculpture, but do we really know how to identify them?

What do they tell us? Why are the Sun King’s gardens populated with the gods of Mount Olympus and Greek heroes?

Illustrated with stunning photographs and accompanied by an exhaustive list of the sculptures, this work invites readers on a journey through mythology in thirty stages.

Dimensions: 25,5 x 23 cm
Languages available: French
ISBN: 978 2 71187 443 9

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