Trianon and the Queen's Hamlet at Versailles


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From the time Le Vau built the pavilion for Louis XIV, Trianon was, for the royal family, an oasis of calm, on the edge of political life and far from the rituals of monarchy. Here is where Louis XV indulged his passion for botany, creating a small but perfectly formed country palace and a shining example of French artistic excellence. Marie-Antoinette, for her part, cultivated the artistry of the gardens and, later, Napoleon and Louis-Philippe found sanctuary there. Just a few minutes from Versailles, yet well away from the demands of courtly etiquette, the estate of Trianon represented beauty and peace – qualities it retains to this day. Surrounded by gardens that rank alongside the most beautiful in France, it gives us an idea of what Talleyrand referred to as “the pleasure of living”.

Jacques Moulin describes how the location developed and its political and cultural significance at the time, while Yves Carlier brings the exquisite furniture collections to life. Anecdotes and stories abound, illustrated by a magnificent and unique photographic narrative by Francis Hammond.

Number of pages: 304 pages
Date: October 2019
Dimensions: 24,5 x 30,5 cm
Languages: French and English
ISBN: 978-2-0802-0410-3

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