My father's Palace


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It is hard to imagine that less than 150 years ago the Palace of Versailles had almost disappeared from memory. When Pierre de Nolhac moved in with his wife and children in 1887, he soon realised that the Palace of the Sun King was of no interest to anyone in republican times. This young attaché-turned-custodian devoting himself to restoring the Palace to its former glory... But at what price?

Pierre's son, Henri de Nolhac, tells us about his family and life at the Palace, a story full of joy and drama, anecdotes and historical moments...

Based on an original idea by Maïté Labat

Number of pages: 176 pages
Date: end November 2019
Dimensions: 22 x 30 cm
Language: French (English version soon available)
ISBN: 978-2-84953-347-5

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