The King in Private – The Corner Room
  • The King in Private – The Corner Room
  • The King in Private – The Corner Room

The King in Private – The Corner Room


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Issued to mark the restoration of the King’s Corner Room, which was carried out from 2019 to 2020, this publication looks at the décor and furnishings of what has always been one of the key rooms in the King’s private apartment.

Originally part of the apartment used by Louis XIV to display his collections of artworks, the Corner Room was converted by Louis XV, who appreciated its location and turned it into his study, fitting it out in a sumptuous rococo style and with the most elegant furnishings. Louis XVI later kept it as a study, leaving the décor as it was but changing the furnishings almost entirely.

The stunning mirror panels and Jacques Verberckt’s woodwork depicting children’s games show off the furniture, with its marquetry and bronze sculptures, magnificently: Antoine Robert Gaudreaus’ dresser and medallion cabinet, Gilles Joubert’s corner cupboards and Jean François Œben’s cylindrical desk, completed by Jean Henri Riesener. Together, it constitutes the most beautiful collection of French decorative art dating from the time of Louis XV that can still be admired in situ.

At the same time, this was a private room and also contained such iconic objects as the magnificent “American Independence” candelabra, commissioned by Louis XVI.


État des Lieux collection
Edited by Yves Carlier
Publisher: Editions RMN-GP
Publication date: March 2021
Size: 24 x 22 cm
Number of pages: 128
Language : French