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“Palace of Versailles” Magazine N°40

Versailles was not only a venue for celebrations and entertainment, but also the place where the king made the decisions that influenced the politics and economy of the time, starting with control over the seas. As such, the choice and appointment of certain privateers fuelled the renown of these sailors at the service to the Crown who, by their courage, skilfully fought to defend the sovereign’s interests against the hordes of brigands seeking to rob merchants and travellers of their goods. The lives and destinies of these men have fascinated generations of novelists and filmmakers and captivated countless readers and viewers in search of adventures.


Versailles and me
Henry-Jean Servat  “Versailles as a Lesson in French Genius”
Versailles, Commerce Raiding and the Privateers
Marie-Louise of Orléans becomes Queen of Spain: a Princess of France in Spanish Style
Key figures
Coysevox at Versailles
Spotlight on the Curtain of the Queen’s Theatre
Queluz, the “Portuguese Versailles”
The Organ Builder
Fine arts
Louis-Auguste Brun, the other Swiss of Versailles
Marie-Antoinette’s Vases
At the Palace
Louis-Philippe at the Grand Trianon
20th century
How Rockefeller saved Versailles
Peace Restored: memories of a summer evening in 1946.


Co-publishers: Palace of Versailles and Editions Soteca, 2021
Number of pages: 100 pages
Period: N°40 (January-February-March 2021)
Size: 23 x 29.7 cm, 82 pages
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Language: French