Timoté visits the Palace of Versailles


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Timoté the little rabbit is the star of his own picture books, in which he shares his life with his friends and family. Today, he’s with his parents and Artus at the Palace of Versailles. From the moment they arrive, the little group is amazed by the statue of the Sun King and the magnificent golden gates to the Palace. And Timot"’s astonishment grows with each new discovery: the king’s bedchamber and his funny canopy bed, Marie-Antoinette’s bedroom and her jewellery box, and, of course, the stunning Hall of Mirrors and its crystal chandeliers.

The visit continues into the gardens, where the friends discover Latona’s Fountain, the amazing Dragon Fountain and the Queen’s Hamlet.

What a great day!

Author: Emmanuelle Massonaud
Illustrations: Mélanie Combes
Publisher: Editions
Publication date: 24 June 2021
Size: 17 x 17 cm
Number of pages: 24 pages
Language: French

Suitable for children aged 3 and upwards