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Feature: Versailles, a European exception

One of a kind

From the late 17th century onwards, when sovereigns wanted to build a residence to match their ambition, Versailles was often cited as their example. But to what extent, exactly? And, in particular, isn’t the significance it is accorded – partly out of “national pride” – overestimated? By analysing its role in more detail and demonstrating the artistic effects on these various architectural programmes, we can get a better handle on the contribution made by the masterpiece that is the Palace of Versailles, which continues to make us the envy of myriad creators, designers and decorators.

(David Chanteranne, editor-in-chief of the magazine Château de Versailles. De l’Ancien regime à nos jours)


Versailles and me

Gérard Sabatier: “Versailles is a world in search of representation”


Versailles, a European exception

At the Palace

On some paintings of two Versailles courtiers


The stones of a wall take you into the story of Neptune and the Dragon’s water games.


Drawings for Versailles – Twenty years of acquisitions


James II, a king without a kingdom at Versailles

Ancien Régime

The Guitry-Lauzun Mansion opposite the Palace, a residence that stood for just nine years after it was built


Versailles in the spotlight


Louis XV’s private observatories


Two Troubadour vases for the Duchess of Berry


13 September 1751. The Great Stables fire

Archives and originals

Praying and petitioning at Versailles. Casts of worshippers and supplicants in Louis-Philippe’s Historic Galleries.

Co-publishers: Palace of Versailles and Éditions Soteca, 2021 
Number of pages: 82
Issue: No. 42 (July-August-September 2021)
Size: 23 x 29.7 cm
Language: French