Catalogue of the exhibition - The King's Animals


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Can you imagine the palace of Versailles and its gardens teeming with animal life today? And yet there were dozens of pets in the flats of the princes, and even in the antechambers of the kings, cluttered with kennels: The Menagerie housed the rarest animals, from the coati to the couagga, from the cassowary to the crowned crane, which was nicknamed the "royal bird"; game was abundant in the small and large parks; seven hundred horses were housed in the Petite and Grande Écurie, and three hundred hunting dogs in the large kennel...

The aim of the exhibition The King's Animals is to bring this bestiary back to life, and to help visitors rediscover the highlights of animal life in Versailles.

Under the direction of Alexandre Maral and Nicolas Milovanovic
with Liénart Editions, 2021
23 x 29 cm, 464 pages, 49 € TTC
ISBN 978-2-35906-345-5  
Publication date: early October