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Children at Versailles

Daily life and performances at the château

The palace of Versailles is the place of the Court and of power. It is hard to imagine that the king was sometimes a child. It is also difficult to imagine that children, princes and princesses, were born, raised, played and educated there. However, this was the case for about fifty of them, but also for the children of courtiers and servants belonging to the various royal houses, who accompanied their parents while learning the trade. Children were also present in pictorial representations. This book gives an insight into the children who enlivened the castle with their laughter and races, but also into the feeling of childhood that runs through the settings and works of art.

Contents :

The castle whose prince is a child

Decorations with children's motifs

Births and childhoods of princes at Versailles

Spaces devoted to children

Furniture and objects for the education of princes

Princely children at embassy receptions and visits

Children of non-royal blood

Versailles, a place of learning and recreation

Co-publishers: Château de Versailles and Editions Soteca, 2021
Dimensions: 19 x 26 cm
Number of pages: 100 pages
Language : French