DVD The coronation of Louis XIV


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"The King enters the cathedral"! Relive the coronation of Louis XIV in the Royal Chapel of Versailles thanks to this skilful reconstruction in which Sébastien Daucé and musicians combine their talent to proclaim the advent of the Great King.

Louis Dieudonné de Bourbon was crowned Louis XIV King of France on the 7th of June 1654 in Reims Cathedral. For this most important moment in the life of the Monarch, the ceremonial was as impressive as a sacred opera. Reims Cathedral, dressed in the finest pomp and splendour, played host to the greats of the Kingdom of France and the Princes of Europe. Unearthed through meticulous research, the music played during this Coronation before God accompanies the ceremony along with the pomp of the decorations and the sung texts, the different musical ensembles and the great variety of instruments used, brought back to life thanks to a considerable number of performers, arranged according to their location in the sacred space… As this splendid music is finally heard again, Sébastien Daucé, his ensemble Correspondances and Les Pages du Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles offer us a Coronation of Louis XIV in music, in the setting of the Royal Chapel of the Palace of Versailles: a real immersion in one of the most memorable ceremonies in the history of France.

Filmed in June 2019 at the Royal Chapel of Versailles.

Les Pages of the Centre de musique baroque de Versailles (Olivier Schneebeli, conductor)
Ensemble Correspondances
Sébastien Daucé, conductor

Booklet in French, English, German - Subtitles in French, English, German
Duration : 1h48
NTSC / All regions - Stéréo & Dolby Digital 5.1