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The first moment of intimacy for the Great King, is dedicated to music: Thibaut Roussel has brought together the best performers of the French Baroque repertoire to give us, as if in a waking dream, the music of this Coucher du Roi.

Night is falling. In this twilight of the reign of Louis XIV and at the end of his Grand Coucher, the king is at last free from protocol. He then orders the musicians of the King’s Chamber, to come to him; they are the most excellent in the kingdom. These "Petits Concerts which were held in the evening before His Majesty" enabled the king to hear his preferred repertoire from all that he had loved and even danced to. Here is the “Sleep scene” from Lully’s Atys, the Sombres Déserts by Lambert, The Mutine by Visée, The Grande Pièce Royale by Lalande, A Gigue by Marais, La Plainte by La Barre... Thibaut Roussel has gathered around him the finest interpreters of the French baroque repertoire, to give us, as if in a waking dream, the intimate music of this Coucher du Roi.

"Let the night last", sings Le Camus, right up until Couperin's Land of Dodo...

Recorded from July 15 to 18th, 2019 and filmed on July 22nd, 2020 at the Palace of Versailles.

Sébastien Daucé
Thibaut Roussel, theorbo and direction
Danaé Monnié, Marc Mauillon, Josèphe Cottet, Yoko Kawakubo, Thomas Leconte, Valérie Balssa, Myriam Rignol, Mathilde Vialle, Julie Dessaint, Romain Falik

Booklet in French, English, German
Duration CD : 74’00 - DVD : 59 min NTSC / All regions