Catalogue of the exhibition - The recovered masterpieces


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Recovered Masterpieces
Zephyr and Flora

Recent research tracing the history of two extraordinary sculptures in the gardens of a Parisian embassy has led the Republic of Angola to donate them to France for display at the Palace of Versailles. Made between 1713 and 1726, the group of Zephyr and Flora was intended for the gardens of Trianon and was the fruit of the combined talents of René Frémin, Philippe Bertrand and Jacques Bousseau. Abundance was commissioned in 1752 for Choisy, one of Louis XV’s favourite residences, and was made by Lambert Sigisbert Adam. The exceptional quality of these French sculptural masterpieces has charmed several famous collectors, from the Marquis de Marigny to Alphonse de Rothschild. This book presents the context of these royal commissions, explains their sources of inspiration and retraces their incredible journey.

Under the direction of Lionel Arsac
with Snoeck Edition, 2022
24 X 28 cm, 280 p.,
Language : Français

ISBN 978-9-46161-602-9