CD Le grand jeu


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The dexterity, the passion, and the fervour of Gaétan Jarry are combined here to make the notes of the Great Organ resonate in the heart of the Chapelle Royale; a memorable moment in the tumultuous history of this instrument and a vibrant tribute to the greatest Baroque works!

This is a sort of selfportrait of the Great Organ of the Royal Chapel of Versailles, delivering all its aspects, enhanced by the choice of a repertoire emblematic of the baroque era: the major classic French organ works (Couperin, Marchand, Grigny, Corrette) composed to glorify the very specific aesthetics of instruments like that of Louis XIV’s Chapel; but also to reveal its other sound riches, transcriptions of chefs d’œuvres, from Le Sommeil d’Atys by Lully, to the contredanses of Rameau’s Boréades. To add a new dimension to the organ’s sound universe and to enhance its orchestral qualities, modern editing and “re-recording” processes were gently used to serve the superposition of musical voices, as if invisible hands filled in for the organist in certain works, which are true Proust’s “madeleines” for Gaétan Jarry. He goes all out to play the instrument of Versailles “for the Glory of God and the King”!

Recorded in June 2019 at the Royal Chapel of Versailles.