The Queen's Guard Room


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The Queen's Guard Room was built in the 1680s in place of a castle chapel. This room marks the entrance to the queen's flat, which extends to the Salon de la Paix.

It served as a vestibule in which the officers responsible for the protection of the sovereign were stationed. On the morning of 6 October 1789, when the rioters began to invade the château, the bodyguards entrenched in this room managed to resist and protect Marie-Antoinette, who took refuge with the King.

This book is published on the occasion of the restoration of this guardroom, the work begun in May 2015 aims to restore the magnificent polychrome marble panelling (Carrara white, green Campan, red Languedoc, antique black), which is one of the most important decorative ensembles dating from the reign of Louis XIV and preserved in the castle.

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