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Magazine n°47 - Château de Versailles
  • Magazine n°47 - Château de Versailles

Magazine n°47 - Château de Versailles


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File: Passions and entertainments of Louis XV

Royal pleasures

The exercise of power is often combined with entertainment, in a wide variety of fields. King Louis XV was no exception to the rule, as his leisure activities were many and varied throughout his reign. In addition to his taste for hunting, he had several activities and special interests, particularly in architecture and botany. His mistresses' presence at his side also changed his interests, specifically in court games, which accompanied his reign, as well as the many entertainments that appeared during the almost sixty years he was on the French throne. In this respect, he influenced most of the European fashions that appeared during the eighteenth century.

Contents :

Versailles and I
Emmanuel de Waresquiel "The trial of Marie-Antoinette is one of hatred"
On the cover
The most difficult man in the kingdom to amuse" - Passions and entertainments of Louis XV
The all-stone suit of King Louis XV in 1717
Two favourites for a king
In the Palace
Fantastic Versailles
François Masson a sculptor with a career in three acts
The Dauphin's flat restored
Ancien Régime
Jean-Baptiste Primi Visconti, a courtier at the court of Louis XIV
The Versailles Campus
Archives and unpublished works
The "Architrave" project
Wilanow, the "Polish Versailles

(David Chanteranne, editor-in-chief of Château de Versailles. From the Ancien Régime to the Present)

Co-publishers: Château de Versailles and Editions Soteca, 2022
Number of pages: 82
Periodicity: N°47 (October-November-December 2022)
Dimensions: 23 x 29,7 cm
Language: French