Life at the Palace of Versailles


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How did people live at the court of Louis XIV? What happened during the royal festivals? How did Le Nôtre design the gardens? How did the revolutionaries arrive at Versailles? What is the role of the Palace under the Fifth Republic?

In this book, each double page is devoted to a place or a symbolic theme of the Château of Versailles: the control of water that feeds the fountains and basins, the incredible construction site that lasted nearly thirty-five years, the ballet of the carriages, the quarrels of the courtiers, the gambling, the secret corridors, the Museum of French History... All these discoveries are offered to the reader, whether or not he or she has visited the Palace, and these lively accounts allow the reader to travel through 400 years of history.

Author: Cécile Guibert-Brussel

Illustrator: Marta Orzel

Publishers: Actes Sud Junior, Château de Versailles

Publication date: November 2022

Size: 33 × 20 cm

Number of pages: 72 p.

ISBN: 978 2 33017 0 936

From 9 years old

Language: FRENCH